Your Home Away From Home

We approached your organization on the recommendation of the Metropolitan Development Board.  It was soon apparent why she
made the recommendation. Your personal helpfulness and flexibility quickly led to finding the apartment that was most suitable.
From that time on, the staff of AF Corporate Housing has been unfailingly helpful any time I called.
Galenica Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

AF Corporate Provided a continuous high level of service.  I first realized your unique skills when you moved about forty of us into
Beautiful, Fully Furnished, working "real apartments.  When we had problems, as is inevitable when dealing with the number of
variables you were dealing with, you were always "Johnny on the Spot" with assistance and alternatives to the situation. You were
always gracious when others were less than gracious.  You always had the brightest and best  "can do" attitude that I have
encountered in various dealings with others in your line of business.
Assistant Director of Finance
Ernst & Young LLP, Atlanta, GA

AF Corporate Housing has been providing BE&K with corporate housing for many years.  They have always gone beyond what is
expected and needed.  All of the properties we have used have been beautiful and the landscaping is impeccable.  All of the
locations are very convenient for our employees and they always provide our employees with everything they need.  I highly
recommend them to any business for their temporary housing needs
HR Birmingham
BE& K International
AF Corporate Housing has been providing affordable, living choices for the past 15 years. We have the
market knowledge and experience to accommodate your temporary housing needs.  

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